Vina Albali Rosada Tempranillo

Let’s go lighthearted. This pink is not trying anything fancy, it simply wants to entertain you!
The vast plains of La Mancha in Spain are famed for Don Quixote and his windmills (there are still some iconic examples of these if you visit) and for.. wine. Huge amounts of wine are produced here, making this region alone a big player in the wine world. Historically, the quality was not extraordinary but this is all changing, thanks to modern technology and lots of investment from well known companies such as Faustino. The smaller region of Valdepenas is just south of the main La Mancha area but has a similar torrid climate. Grapes ripen here to an extent that has to be watched, in order to avoid a reduction in quality.


This pink is not trying anything fancy, it simply wants to entertain you!


This affordable rosé has a bright, assertive raspberry colour in the glass. It simply looks like cherryade, let’s admit it. Or possibly Sangria? I am certain the producer intended this effect, to draw in all types of consumer and make this a truly accessible wine. On the palate, this offers full fruit, including ripe cherry and strawberry. Not a long finish, but a very refreshing drink, served well chilled. At a very respectable 12.5% this is quaffable at lunchtime or as a light and zingy aperitif in the great outdoors. Serve it with classic tapas, like salted almonds, fine Spanish ham or olives, and relax.



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