Purato Organic Rosé

Western Sicily is a great spot for the Nero d’Avola grape, that powerful stalwart of local red wine. Around Trapani the climate is benevolent and the Purato company has taken advantage of their location to work toward a carbon neutral and fully organic range. This has now been achieved, so in buying this pink you are also doing a bit for the planet. “Green- to the Extreme” is the slogan. But, of course, none of this would count if the wine were only average. Fortunately, this is not the case!


this wine is simple yet seductive


Produced from 100% organic Nero d’Avola, on the palate this wine is simple yet seductive. There’s a whiff of the sea and a mineral/salty tang which lends great versatility. The grapes are harvested earlier for the pink than for the red wine, to preserve acidity. Late summer in this region not far from the Marsala production region can be scorching. However, at only 12.5% alcohol (congratulations to the technical skill of the winemaker) what an excellent lunchtime wine this would be – imagine a spread, Godfather style, in the open air. Long trestle tables groaning with pasta, salad, grilled fish and meat – need I go on?



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17 / 20 Rosé Score
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