Alpha Zeta Rosato Veronese

A wine for cherry blossom time, uncannily it has the scent and flavour of the flowers and the fruit combined. The Veneto is a fruit growing area as well as a famed wine and tourist region and this seems only appropriate. On the nose that faint and delicate floral aroma, in the glass a delicate slightly russet/pink hue, then on the palate comes first that cherry and stone fruit charm then a full and fresh finish. Such a well-made and affordable example of Italian pink – but produced by a New Zealander.


Such a well-made and affordable example of Italian pink – but produced by a New Zealander


Everyone knows Verona because of the story of Romeo & Juliet but what is less known is the sheer output of excellent wines from the hills above. The Veneto has a balanced climate and offers ideal grape growing conditions. Apart the famed names of Valpolicella and Soave, there is a quantity of Veneto Merlot on supermarket shelves – of variable quality and reputation. This is something Matt Thomson, a graduate of the University of Otago, wanted to rectify when he began to work in this area back in 1999. Here in the lovely Dolomite foothills, there are chalky soils that are perfect for grape growing. Alpha Zeta as a brand is conceived in much the same way as mid-range New Zealand wines: consistent, well-made technically and at a good price point. This rosé showcases the local Corvina grape, typically used to create Valpolicella; its lovely fruit style has full expression and shows its charm. Serve with delicious local salumi (dried meats) or other antipasti; this would also pair so well with light pasta dishes and risotto.




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