Mirabeau Classic Rosé

Those charismatic Cronks have a consistent hit on their hands – the Mirabeau Classic. This multi award-winning mid-range rosé from Provence has a delicate pale apricot hue in the glass, a zing of redcurrant on the nose and a faint acidic prickle on the palate, to tickle your tastebuds. Then there’s a twist of black pepper, characteristic of Syrah. Finally, there is warmth from the Cinsault grape variety to bring style to the finish. All in all, this is a gastronomic crowd pleaser well worth the money.

…….the Mirabeau Classic hits the sweet spot – without being at all sweet

Think of Provence and the works of many artists spring to mind, among them the fabulous Paul Cézanne and his varied capturing of the Mont Sainte Victoire. This is the main location of the vines which produce the grapes for this fine pink wine. Contrary to general assumption, south facing slopes do not mean greater grape production. Instead, they tend toward quality. Hot sun, good drainage and long exposure to good conditions are key with appropriate soil types also vital. The ‘Terroir’ needs to be just right, and rich soils are not useful for fine wine. The vine needs a bit of struggle to succeed, which is just what happens here in Provence.

The paradox of southerly slopes is that after long hours of daytime sun there are cooler nights. In addition to grapes grown in this sublime location, the wine is a blend featuring some other production from the Var region, which has slightly richer terrain. Overall, the aim is to create a gastronomic pink, not simply a delicate apéritif wine. Hence appearances are deceptive. This looks like a typical pale, delicate Provence rosé but on the palate it offers a lot more, and at a competitive price. The Cronks moved to the region from the UK so have a very clear idea of their market and its demands.  Versatility is key and softness needs to be balanced with a good dash of acidity. 

In this way, a pink wine like this can accompany a great variety of dishes as well as being sipped on a sunny terrace or by a holiday pool. With the winning blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and a couple of other minor varietals, the Mirabeau Classic hits the sweet spot – without being at all sweet. 

And it is also intriguing to note that Stephen & Jeany Cronk have not stood still for an instant since moving to France in 2009, with a big dream and very little command of French. Apart from the creation of great pink wine (and fine gin) under the Mirabeau umbrella Stephen is now involved in a new world of sustainability with their Regenerative Viticulture Foundation which embraces traditional styles of vine cultivation in a modern world. And Jeany works with the influential local regulatory body, the CIVP, to keep overall standards high in this very special corner of the rosé wine world. 

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