B.Ink South Australian Rosé

This bright pink with its paint spattered label immediately appealed for its resemblance to the Rosé Report logo, but there is far more to the wine than just marketing. A product of the Grant Burge stable of wines, this is intended to attract the younger wine drinker and it does what it says on the bottle. It’s an unpretentious Australian rosé with a smooth, commercial charm.


a finish with a savoury, herbal tang, as befits a Barossa wine


So – what does it taste like? The colour of the wine reminds me of cranberry juice Cosmopolitan, anyone?) and there is no doubt that the nose actually has that bite of sharpness we know and love from that fruit. In addition, there is some tropical fruit roundness on the palate, and a finish with a savoury, herbal tang, as befits a Barossa wine.
Critics refer to Barossa shiraz from South Australia having an aroma of ‘sweaty saddles’ and there is just the slight whiff of that here, probably because of the terroir, the underlying soil type of the region. B.Ink means Barossa Ink. Serve this wine with a barbecue and appreciate its sturdy character. A versatile pink which would accompany any dish from grilled shrimp to Caesar Salad without effort. Which means it has succeeded in its mission.


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17 / 20 Rosé Score
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