Paul Mas Le Rosé Bio 2022

In its gorgeous girlie floral bottle this wine practises to deceive. Despite appearances, it is in fact a very well balanced and gastronomic pink that has much to offer any wine lover. On the nose it is ripely fragrant, admittedly. With Grenache and Cinsault in the mix it offers up peachy/pomegranate notes and then there’s a confident touch of welcome acidity on the finish. It would be a perfect match for a chicken korma, a pad thai or seasonal creamy mushroom pasta.

In its gorgeous girlie floral bottle this wine practises to deceive.


Paul Mas is a very significant force in the growing success of the Languedoc region. With ownership of 600 hectares and access to grapes from 1300 more, their output is substantial, but quality remains high across the board. The current owner is Jean Claude Mas so there is a history of family involvement here since 1954. This part of southern France has a perfect winegrowing climate with generous sunshine hours and also the protection of mountains meaning vines can be cultivated on slopes for added quality. To the south is the Mediterranean sea with its cooling breezes. The soils are an ideal mix of clay and limestone (argilo-calcaire in French) and these climatic conditions mean going organic is more feasible. Some of the vineyards have never been treated chemically throughout their history. This fortunate combination means a true expression of vine fruit in the wines and a distinctive character. Forget the flowers, focus on the grapes.




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