Most Wanted Malbec Rosé 2023

A warm hearted wine created from South African Malbec is just the ticket for cooler days. This gorgeously packaged bottle once again proves the point that pink wines are not just a summer phenomenon. Most Wanted is an innovative company showcasing all forms of wine packaging, including boxes and cans alongside the traditional bottle format. The general theme here is imagination, drinkability and eye appeal – not to mention palate appeal. This wine’s label was designed by Anshika Khullar – an emerging artist selected in competition with many others to represent cultural diversity. It is definitely eye catching and very out of the ordinary.


….imagination, drinkability and eye appeal – not to mention palate appeal……


And what of the wine? Malbec is of course originally a minor Bordeaux variety, added to give more structure and colour to ‘clairet’ in dull years… and now a world success story, notably in the southern hemisphere where it reigns in Argentina and also does well in South Africa and Australia. This example has good heft in the mouth, and an attractive lychee tone in the glass to draw the eye. Its flavours tend to the savoury and mineral so it would partner very well with roast meats, or spicy dishes. Try it with Tex Mex cuisine or a curry to appreciate the versatility.



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