Paparuda Rosé

Let’s celebrate a lesser known corner of the winemaking world – Romania. There’s a lot of investment going on here and the Cramele Recas winery has impressive techie credentials and evidently high standards. There are 1100 hectares of vines under cultivation here in this long-established location in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains, which has been owned by Austrians, Hungarians, and now is a combined British/Romanian venture. It’s intriguing to sample a combination of local grape variety Feteasca Neagra with familiar Cabernet Sauvignon. The Cabernet adds noticeable structure to a wine which has a hint of residual sweetness. There is loganberry on the nose and decent acidity to finish.


It’s not a Provence pink, more like a fine rosé from Catalonia


Despite its rose pink hue and suggestion of softness on the palate this is a very well balanced wine. Sheer technical expertise, combined with a deep knowledge of the local terroir,  means that this affordable pink has definite class in its category. It’s not a Provence pink, more like a fine rose from Catalonia – this region of Romania has a classically Mediterranean type of climate, with long hours of sunshine.  Paparuda has a specific meaning locally: it’s a rain ritual carried out in times of drought. A young girl is selected from the village to dance along the streets, wearing a skirt of yellow leaves – she symbolises hope and fertility for the beleaguered vines.



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