Villa Maria Sauvignon Blush

An unashamed celebration of good times, in the heat of the day, blush wine has its perfect moments. It is not part of my crusade to find gastronomic pink wine, but a well-made example is a wondrous thing – on the right occasion. This one is crafted by VM’s accomplished winemaker, David Roper, to be a stylish combination of the ever-popular New Zealand style of Sauvignon Blanc (cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush, anyone) and the warmth and charm of Merlot. As mentioned, this is a crowd pleaser but not a complete lightweight.
It has softness but it isn’t a ‘Barbie’ wine by any means.


It has softness but it isn’t a ‘Barbie’ wine by any means


Villa Maria is the market leader in NZ wine and it didn’t reach that status by sheer luck. No, its place on our shelves is earned and the pricing reflects the fact that this is a serious wine, albeit with the word Blush in its description. On the palate there is a terrific twist of green bell pepper to add bite to the gentle finish, and the Merlot gives it a kick which creates a fine balance. Remember a dash of sweetness can make a wine more versatile, so try this with spicy tomato sauces that can challenge a drier rosé. Otherwise, simply chill well and enjoy on a scorching day.



17 / 20 Rosé Score
Rose Score17

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