San Leonardo Gemma Rosé

A pink wine from the mountains, and a very classy one at that, this wine comes from vineyards that have a strong and proud history in this part of northern Italy. With just 50 acres under vine, this is decidedly exclusive and special. Their red wines are much praised and produced from international varieties such as Carmenere, Cabernet Franc and Merlot but for this particular rosé the decision was made to use 100% Lagrein, a local red grape native to the Alpine region. We are talking cool(ish) climate here and a hint of the Germanic in the wines despite their Italian heritage. This wine is a tribute  o the Marchese Gemma de’Gresti Guerrieri Gonzaga, who during World War I contributed to the repatriation of thousands of soldiers captured on the Russian front.

…..a hint of the Germanic in the wines despite their Italian heritage…..


It’s all organic now at San Leonardo and the intensity of flavour illustrates the merits of all that hard work in the vineyard. There is a very sustainable feel to the whole operation, even down to the presence of many beehives – all of this in the awe inspiring shadow of the Alps. Not far away is Lake Garda, with its milder climes. So what is my verdict on this wine? It has tremendous presence and demands thoughtful sipping. The Lagrein offers plummy, cherry aromas and flavours with a surprisingly lingering mouthfeel for a rosé. On the palate there’s just a dash of cleansing bitter cherrystone to sharpen the finish and to make a fantastic accompaniment for salumi or rich,regional cheeses like Asiago. Try it with a fondue?




18 / 20 Rosé Score
Rose Score18

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