Château Bellini Rosé

Luxuriate with this elegant Provençal rosé, a finely crafted bottle full of sumptuous ripe fruit and a with a lingering, faintly spicy finish. I think this is the first time I have ever referenced papaya when tasting a pink wine, but there is a certain richness here that brings that creamy fruit to mind. And there are hints of orange peel and spice too. Roll this around your palate and appreciate its complexity. The producer is a certain Tom Bove, an American import to Provence who has done much for the region, including owning and improving Château Miraval – before it was purchased by a couple of familiar Hollywood names.


“I think this is the first time I have ever referenced papaya when tasting a pink wine”



Château Bellini itself is a place of exceptional history located on the ancient Roman road, the Via Aurelia. Back in the 11th century this was a refuge for St Thomas Aquinas. So vines have been here for thousands of years. Today, Tom Bove is using his exceptional winemaking skills to create something truly special, utilising the best of organic and biodynamic methods and just plain old savvy. And that automatic mental association with the famed Bellini cocktail does this wine no harm either – white peach is a note found in so many Provençal pink wines – and it’s here too.

Serve this as an elegant apéro wine, with tapenade or roasted almonds. It would also accompany sea bass to perfection.

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19 / 20 Rosé Score
Rose Score19

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