Seven Springs Syrah Rosé

This stylish South African pink has a fired earth hue in the glass, delicate aromas of melon and subtle nectarine on the nose. The finish packs a heft reminiscent of red wine, which means it makes a good food match. There is undoubted attention to detail in the winemaking and the use of Syrah is more subtle than the fierce climate might lead you to expect (drought conditions are common in the region).


“The finish packs a heft reminiscent of red wine, which means it makes a good food match.”



The vineyard is located in an ideal position not far from Hermanus in the Western Cape with plenty of opportunity for cooling sea breezes to improve grape quality. With shale type terrain the owners of this boutique enterprise have concentrated on creating a European style of wine, using classic varieties like Syrah and Chardonnay to showcase their efforts. In making the rosé there is great care in grape selection and a desire to keep alcohol levels fairly low and elegant fruit forward. It’s interesting to note that these wines have attracted positive comment from top wine tasters including Joanna Simon and Tom Cannavan.

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