Studio by Miraval

Avoid all temptation to classify this as a ‘celebrity’ pink wine. It has gained traction because of its association with Brad & Angelina, of course it has, but the sophistication of this offering is considerable. It’s been created to celebrate the studio at the property, which hosted Pink Floyd and AC/DC back in the day. Note the way this wine is made – combining familiar red Cinsault and Grenache with traditional Tibouren and crisp white Rolle (also known as Vermentino in other regions). This is an intriguing example of how a carefully made white wine element can add great character to a rosé. Fermented in so-called ‘concrete eggs’ to add depth, the Rolle brings a stunning salinity to the palate. Add to this the exceptional delicacy of the floral and citrus aromas, and the exquisite pallor of the colour, it packs a punch. Sip it and imagine yourself on a Riviera beach. And the sun is shining.


“The Rolle brings a stunning salinity to the palate”


Even if you didn’t know these grapes were grown within spitting distance of the Med, you could tell as soon as your nose hits the glass. The aromas are almost ozone. It’s quite heady, especially when tasting on a dull, grey day. This impact is carefully constructed under the supervision of winemaker Pierre Perrin, from the famed Château de Beaucastel family in the Rhône Valley. Beaucastel is probably the most famous example of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, a complex red wine produced from as many as 13 grape varieties, including white grapes. So, marrying varieties is what the Perrin dynasty have mastered. And it shows here. It’s an example of how investment in a wine can pay off and bring starry lustre to a brand. To return to my theme, this is not just a celebrity wine. It’s a fascinating wine, at a good price.



£12 at most major wine retailers.

18 / 20 Rosé Score
Rose Score18

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