Specially Selected French Vegan Rosé

Another stylish pink wine from Aldi, this time in a substantial bottle with an upmarket black and gold label (user alert: the bottle is so tall you may find it challenges your fridge space). But it’s not just about the look of the bottle. In the glass, this Languedoc wine has a delicate lychee tint and on the nose you will trace rose, peach and a hint of blackcurrant leaf. Don’t let its subtle fragrance fool you, it finishes bone dry on the palate and has great zing, after a delicious mouthful of soft fruit. There’s an unctuous feel in your mouth after a couple of sips, making this a fantastic party wine, well priced at under £7 a bottle. And it’s OK for vegans too.


“There’s an unctuous feel in your mouth after a couple of sips, making this a fantastic party wine”


Aldi have a very clever way of targeting the customer. This wine, for instance, appears to supplied by a classically named French supplier, Chassaux. However this is really just an invented name to encompass a wide variety of wines all created especially for their supermarket shelves. Before you scoff, this technique is hugely advantageous for us as purchasers. Pricing can be very competitive for even a sophisticated wine creation such as this. Packaging and marketing are covered by the fact that Aldi have vast financial resources at their fingertips. Using the word Vegan in the wine’s name is a clever online strategy, yet when you purchase the wine it appears quite conventional, indeed classy. And the name Aldi is almost invisible to the naked eye.


All in all, an impressive wine at this price point and with a style that’s immensely versatile. It would make a great pairing with poached salmon, ceviche or Asian noodles. That hint of richness on the palate evens out chili, ginger and sesame with ease, making this a good choice for anything Thai.

18 / 20 Rosé Score
Rose Score18

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