Costa Toscana IGT

OK, study the image and guess – where did I buy this bottle? Harrods, maybe? All will be revealed at the end of this post. It’s certainly very stylish in its Art Deco way, and would go down a storm on Miami’s South Beach. Trust an Italian, especially an organic Tuscan, to create something this elegant. But how does it taste? The nose is not immediately fruity or floral, but subtle, with a hint of dried apricot about it, very appropriate for a rosé that has russet tints. On the palate it is quite rounded but fully dry, with plenty of acidity. Not much of a finish but the weight of this wine and its bite would go very well with a plate of salumi or something truffled.


Trust an Italian, especially an organic Tuscan, to create something this elegant…”


It’s not an instant association: the Chianti region and pink wine. But this attractive wine is proof that even in that glorious region around stunning Siena, home to so many fine red wines, there is also room for rosé. Castellina in Chianti is its origin and this is truly the heartland of fine reds made with Sangiovese. One great advantage of this location, with its hilly landscape and heartstopping hairpin bends, is that the grapes are not over ripe. So here we have a very comfortable 12.5% alcohol level, just right for a lunch wine. And this is really a wine that deserves to be served with food, rather than as a simple aperitivo. As well as being certified as organic, it also has vegan credentials. Which gives me an idea – this is a wine that would complement a vegan feast brilliantly, showcasing all those classics of the Italian repertoire: zucchini, melanzane and of course – pomodori. Tomatoes can pose a challenge to some wine, with their specific type of acidity. But this wine would take them on. Panzanella salad, anyone?



Costa Toscana IGT will set you back just £6.79…. at Aldi.

16 / 20 Rosé Score
Rose Score16

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